Our Story

Urban Mystic is a portal for products that enhance your life and build awareness. Through this portal, our Founder Jhenneviev wants to share what she has shared for years with her students at NAI’A, our mother company. Only now, we want to do it at scale and make it accessible, wherever you are on your journey! Urban Mystics’ collections serve as your allies in taking your self-care to the next level, in reclaiming your feminine and wild side, and in living your life as a flowing ritual. We have spent months designing, creating and sourcing the products and collections with a lot of love for you, and in reverence to the magnificence of all living forms and all things mystical.

Our Origins

Urban Mystic was born out of its mother company: NAI’A Life under which we conduct our self development and luminary leadership activities. NAI’A Life is a human potential accelerator designed to empower you to go beyond yourself and to unleash your uniqueness. We have 3 main focus points:  

  • Our Embodied Humans Academy where we offer self development courses, as well as Yoga, Breathwork and Sacred Arts training programs;   
  • Our Life Coaching Services;
  • And our Corporate Wellness & Strategic Consulting Branch.

We run workshops, conferences, training programs and retreats around the world and directly at our NAI’A hub by the pacific ocean in Mexico. Join us!https://www.naialife.com/all-eventsOne of NAI’A’s products signatures is :“Sacred Tools for the Urban Mystic”. Thus where our Founder got the idea of creating the Urban Mystic Shop to expand upon our collections! See, everything we do has a purpose, an intention and is carefully weaved into the greater web of our constantly evolving vision at NAI’A.