Divine Skin Brush

Designer: Urban Mystic

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Our Divine skin brush is made of natural bristles and bamboo. It can be used on dry or wet skin and is a fantastic way to promote circulation, lymphatic drainage, to unclog pores and to get dry skin off your body leaving you with a silky looking and feeling skin.

“This is my tool of choice to activate circulation before taking a shower or bath. I use it on dry skin but it works great on wet skin too!” – Jhennevièv

Comes with its own reusable beauty bag ideal for storing all your natural makeup and skin products. 

Material: Bamboo and natural bristles. 

How to use: 

  • Dry brush in the morning (for an extra energy boost) and right before taking a shower.
  • Start under your feet and make your way up in long strokes that overlap and move towards your heart. Brushing down can create more stagnation. 
  • Use 3-5 strokes per area, within 5 minutes you’ll have done your entire body. 
  • Avoid any areas with cuts, rashes or other wounds. 
  • When done, hop in the shower. Alternate hot/cold every 30 seconds or finish with cold water for the last 30sec -1 min. 
  • After showering, moisturize your skin with a natural oil or lotion.

Caring for your skin…

The skin is the largest organ in the body and consists of numerous sweat glands, blood vessels and nerve endings. It is our protective layer and it helps with waste removal, digestion and circulation. Over time, skin can change or become damaged due to a variety of factors: sun exposure, chemicals and nanoparticules as well as other types of radiation. Although natural oils and lotions can greatly support the skin, so can dry brushing. It can also improve our overall wellbeing beyond helping our skin glow. 

History of Dry Brushing

Dry skin brushing has been practiced by many cultures for centuries. From Ancient Greeks to Native Americans, and Indians, the practice was more commonly done to remove dead skin. In ancient Ayurvedic medicine, dry brushing (garshana) was completed every morning, prior to bathing, to stimulate blood circulation.

Benefits of Dry Brushing:

  • Exfoliates Dry Skin – Dry Brushing removes dead skin cells which give the skin a more youthful, toned appearance & glow.
  • Reduces Cellulite – Dry Brushing stimulates the cells which help with circulation & breaks down toxins beneath the skin.
  • Reduces Stress – Dry Brushing has an effect similar to massage: it unwinds the nervous system and helps you relax.  
  • Stimulates Lymphatic System – Dry Brushing supports your skin’s natural detoxification process which helps the lymphatic system.  
  • Supports Immune System– By supporting the detoxification of your body, dry brushing helps boost your Immune System.  
  • Unclogs Pores – Dry Brushing unclogs pores & helps your skin to absorb more nutrients.
  • Improves Circulation – More circulation helps remove more toxins which support even more with reducing cellulite.