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Designer: NAI'A

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This series of guided meditation and breathwork exercises was recorded to provide a roadmap to feeling alive and free.

The most powerful yet simple tools we brought together to make this offering potent medicine for your heart, mind and soul.

Delta and Theta Waves binaural beats are included in many of the tracks.

  1. Daily Gratitude Ritual : “Gratitude is a magnet for miracles.” This is one of the most powerful techniques, proven scientifically to change and shift your current reality in profound ways.
  2. NAI’A Integrative Breathwork: Open, connected breathwork is a profound technique that dramatically increases your cellular oxygenation for rapid healing and optimal health, while helping you integrate and transforme limiting beliefs into empowering creative energy and emotional blocks into receptive and conscious communication.
  3. Forgiveness Meditation: Forgiving ourselves and others has many layers and imprints in our subconscious mind. This effective yet simple meditation approach will help you clear relationships, clinging, attachments, stories and illusions and help you resolve conflicts around relationships of all realms so that your current reality can be experienced for what is it here and now, instead of being filtered by your past.
  4. Being on purpose: Direct your mind to what is of the highest resonance with yourself. Focus the energy on what you are attracting instead on dwelling on the past, on mistakes, on indecision. This meditation introduces a powerful sound healing technique to clear any internal blockages that come in the way of you being on purpose.
  5. End of Day Reset: Consciously wrap up your day with this short meditation to clear your mind for better sleep, to reverse anxiety and to increase your awareness and self worth.

Bonus track: Powerful positive affirmations. Mind training technology to shift hindering imprints and to activate and sustain self confidence, focus, clarity, trust, positivity, love and awareness.

  • The intention behind these tracks is to help you:
  • Clear your mind;
  • Relieve anxiety and stress;
  • Improve your sleep quality;
  • Shift deep mental-emotional patterns;
  • Provide healing on a cellular level;
  • Boost and sustain self-confidence;
  • Increase your wellbeing on all levels;
  • Make peace with the past.

Do not listen to this while driving.

Specific guidelines given within the meditations themselves.