SURRENDER – Crystal Essence Tonic

Designer: Urban Mystic

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Nurture your heart with the gem essences of rose quartz and open yourself to acceptance, forgiveness and expansion. The wild rose tincture supports the loosening of the pericardium, your physical heart’s envelope and also brings nourishment to your emotional heart, soothing grief, sadness and loneliness. The Herkimer diamond essences help your vibrational body stay clear and relaxed, giving you an all-in-all nourishing tonic inviting you to trust and open more each day!

“I love to use this concoction before having open hearted conversations or prior to meditating & journaling or simply to get in touch with my heart’s voice. I use it when I have a harder time surrendering to the great mystery and it works wonders for me!”  – Jhennevièv 

Ingredients: Rosa (wild rose) essences, Rose quartz, Herkimer diamond essences, Grappa (alcohol), Spring water, Moonbeams, Sunlight, Light codes.

How to use: 2-3 drops under the tongue and with intention before sleep. Repeat up to 3 times per day if needed. 


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